Off the Shelf: Death in the Air

Death in the Air is the third of the books about psychopaths that I read a couple of weeks ago. This book is interesting because it draws parallels between three killers, all responsible for multiple deaths. The least deadly of the psychopaths in this book is a nasty little man who kills women. Most of …

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Dirty Windows

The other morning I got up at 5 a.m., a habit I have been trying to recreate. It allows me a few minutes to blog before my husband, deceived by the empty spot in my bed to think it’s time for him to get up, and cranky when he realizes how early it really is, …

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Staying Cool Under Fire (or Under Flood)

We had an exciting time on the old homestead this weekend: it started out quietly with a yoga class and a bottomless brunch celebrating a friend’s birthday, then my sister texted that mom was at the emergency room getting checked out for an arrhythmia, probably due to her self-un-medicating on her blood pressure medicine. [Both …

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