It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like… Really?

Actually it's a little late. October 1 marks the start of Christmas for many retailers. And having spent 31 years as a retailer, my spirit is attuned to that rhythm. In fact, since I was in national store operations for almost all of those years, October seems really late to me. You see, in order …

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Overworked and Overpaying?

First Thought “Everyone is supremely overworked,” I complained a friend in HR. “At first I thought that it was just me, that I couldn’t keep up, but everyone I talk to in every department feels the same way. And people I know at other companies feel that way, vendors – even my relatives who are …

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Your Job is Customer Service

Today I had an experience at a grocery store that raised my hackles. Loyal customers at Fairway are used to the brisk New York attitude of the cashiers – but that brisk attitude moves the lines quickly and I’ve never found them to be disrespectful, and the folks on the floor are friendly and helpful. …

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