Birthday Presents

My sister’s birthday is this weekend, and my niece’s, too – lucky sis went into labor on her birthday. Birthday’s have always been important to my sister. They’re also important to me but they take on some kind of weird, mystical importance to her, as if by constructing the perfect birthday celebration, she will, through …

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Skating without Thinking

I sometimes forget, while watching the Olympics, and dismissing skaters who fall, how hard it is to get to the level that even the worst of them are at - I can't even make it around the rink clutching at the wall. The other night, Tara Lipinski commented that one of the skaters who fell …

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If It Were Possible, What Would Make It Possible?

This is a question that I’ve used in the past to jar people loose from a set answer, with mixed results. For example, if an employee said, it’s not possible to finish this memo on time because I’ve got too many other things to do. If you then ask, if it were possible, what would …

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