Because I am a Doctor

One of my favorite stories is about a battle-surgeon who comes to doubt his work. He’s deep in the fighting on the edge of a war that seems like it will never end. They bring men to him, he patches them up; as soon as they’re well enough, they return to battle, only to come …

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Off the Shelf: The Talent Code

When I think about Talent, I think about the NY Urban Debate League, a local non-profit that helps teachers in under-served high schools create debate teams, teach their students to debate, sponsors debate tournaments, and sponsors attendance at mainstream debate tournaments. During the time that I volunteered with them, I saw kids, for whom school …

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Staying Cool Under Fire (or Under Flood)

We had an exciting time on the old homestead this weekend: it started out quietly with a yoga class and a bottomless brunch celebrating a friend’s birthday, then my sister texted that mom was at the emergency room getting checked out for an arrhythmia, probably due to her self-un-medicating on her blood pressure medicine. [Both …

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