Writing for Change

Are you afraid of writing? I worked with a woman once who was deathly afraid of putting her thoughts on paper. When we met, she described her department’s new strategy so eloquently that I thought getting it on paper would be easy. When I asked her to repeat what she had told me, she offered …

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Why I Never Learned to Brew Coffee

Well, first of all, while I love the way the coffee smells, I never developed the taste for it. But the real reason that I never learned was because of what happened to my friend and colleague, Nora. Nora and I worked together many years ago. She was charged with documenting the steps for operating …

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Becoming Your Own Internal Recruiter

I take pride in tracking down employees that contribute to a great team – a high-performing team that works together to exceed their objectives, blows away expectations for customer service, and feeds the talent pipeline for the rest of the organization. I love it when they succeed individually, together, and when they are happy at …

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